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boundless adj : seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent; "unbounded enthusiasm"; "children with boundless energy"; "a limitless supply of money" [syn: unbounded, limitless]

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  1. without bounds, unbounded



without bounds, unbounded

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Boundless is an album by Finnish a cappella ensemble Rajaton, released in 2001. To reach out to a wider audience, Rajaton released this CD with all but two songs in English.


Title (Composer / Lyricist)
  • 1. Butterfly (Mia Makaroff)
  • 2. Un-Wishing Well (Heikki Sarmanto / Kim Rich / arr. Jussi Chydenius)
  • 3. The Lark in the Clear Air (Jussi Chydenius / Samuel Ferguson)
  • 4. We Walk in a Fog (Jussi Chydenius / Eino Leino, translated by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi)
  • 5. Lady Madonna (John Lennon & Paul McCartney, arr. Jussi Chydenius)
  • 6. Dobbin's Flowery Vale (Irish folk melody, arr. Matti Kallio)
  • 7. Summer Song (Michael McGlynn)
  • 8. Poison Tree (Laura Sippola / William Blake)
  • 9. You Can't Stop Me! (Mia Makaroff)
  • 10. Armahan kulku (The Lover's Path) (Anna-Mari Kähärä / lyrics from the Kanteletar)
  • 11. Kaipaava (Longing) (trad. Finnish, arr. Essi Wuorela and Jussi Chydenius)

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Gargantuan, a bit much, abandoned, all-comprehensive, all-inclusive, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing, all-wise, almighty, amplitudinous, astronomical, awesome, bulky, changeless, colossal, cosmic, countless, creating, creative, egregious, endless, enormous, eternal, eternally the same, everlasting, exaggerated, excessive, exhaustless, exorbitant, extending everywhere, extensive, extravagant, extreme, fabulous, fancy, galactic, gigantic, glorious, gluttonous, good, hallowed, high, highest, holy, huge, hyperbolic, hypertrophied, illimitable, illimited, immeasurable, immense, immoderate, immortal, immutable, incalculable, incomprehensible, incontinent, indefinite, inexhaustible, infinite, infinitely continuous, innumerable, inordinate, intemperate, interminable, interminate, just, king-size, large, limitless, loving, luminous, majestic, making, mammoth, massive, massy, measureless, merciful, monster, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, no end of, numinous, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, one, out of bounds, out of sight, outrageous, outsize, overbig, overdeveloped, overgreat, overgrown, overlarge, overmuch, overweening, permanent, perpetual, prodigious, radiant, sacred, shaping, shoreless, sizable, sovereign, spacious, steep, stiff, stupendous, sumless, supreme, termless, timeless, titanic, too much, tremendous, ubiquitous, unbounded, unbridled, unchanging, unchecked, uncircumscribed, unconscionable, uncontrolled, undefined, undue, unending, unfathomable, universal, unlimited, unmeasurable, unmeasured, unnumbered, unplumbed, unreasonable, unrestrained, unrestricted, unstoppable, untold, vast, voluminous, weighty, without bound, without end, without limit, without measure, without number
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